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School Functions

Bill Grimsley's performance appeals to PTA & School faculty as well as Camp Directors with a positive educational, motivational, magical assembly program. Youth of all ages will love his show as it fun, fast paced and most entertaining. Highlighting the importance remaining drug free and in school Bill points out that it is not enough to "JUST SAY NO" to the bad negative pressures - you must say "YES" to positive alternatives. Challenging youth to explore hobbies, set goals, be persistence, and make wise choices results in Bill's presentation being an asset to any curriculum or program.

school events...
  • Educational Entertainment

  • Fall Festival & Spring Flings

  • Fund Raising Helpful Hints & Incentives

  • A/B Honor Roll & Perfect Attendance Reward Program

  • Participating Schools

  • Participating Camps

 "His enthusiasm, professionalism and mastery of magic has delighted students of all ages as part of my prize programs for elementary and middle schools. // Mark Reeves, 
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