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What others are saying

 "Everyone was especially impressed with the way you are able to include the message of salvation in your act. What an extraordinary ministry you have, reaching both young and old for the Lord."// Neil J. Sellers, Billy Graham Training Center At The Cove



 "People are still talking about your performance even months later. I would gladly give a high recommendation to any Church group who wants to use your show for their entertainment. You have found a unique way to interweave the Gospel Message with your wonderful tricks. Keep up the good work and keep dazzling those crowds!"
//John D. Ashworth, South Marietta Street Baptist Church


 "You are the first presenter with whom I have worked in all these years who has received a perfect score on every one of the teachers evaluations! Bravo!" // Carolyn Toben, North Carolina Center for the Advancement of Teaching 


 "You did a masterful job of entertaining and holding the interest of the 7 and 8 year olds as well as the 12th graders. We will certainly look forward to seeing you again next year." // Dave Bryant, Mount Pisgah Academy


"…you are the only performer who rates an annual show, and every year the boys look forward to your visit. The toughest crowd in the world is a group of jaded teenagers who think they are too cool, or too sophisticated to relax, enjoy themselves and have a good time. You always manage to break that barrier." // Peter Conway, Headmaster 
Christ School


"The trade calls that you made with us ensured customer enthusiasm that carried through for increased sales..."

// Coca-Cola / Dr. Pepper, Bottling Company of Memphis, TN


"You have performed at over 70 Lowe's Grand Openings and have been a tremendous hit... not only among our store managers and employees but importanly with our customers!" // Lowe's Companies, Inc.

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